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Hudson Greer and his caving partner Jett are determined to become teen legends who discover a long-sought passageway that connects two giant cave systems in their little mountain town. But they’re haunted by the history of a giant sinkhole that opened up and swallowed the town’s fully-packed church, steeple and all. Dozens were killed, including Hudson’s grandfather. 


Hudson knows it’s in danger of happening again; he just doesn’t know when or where. 


Can his caving instincts and science knowledge predict or prevent the next disaster? Are the shoddy logging practices of the town’s main employer tempting fate? And who’s on whose side when business and political shenanigans mix with evaded environmental codes?


Nothing less than the lives of the townspeople are at stake – and it’s up to Hudson to separate myth from fact, and get key players working together, before it’s too late.  


Advance Praise


Cave-In is a breathless adventure story that keeps your heart pounding while your mind engages in an important eco fiction story. A thrilling exposé of corporate greed, Cave-In is rooted in a connection between the environment, politics, friendship and young love. Immaculately researched, it’s a close-up experience of the joys and perils of caving that would be well-suited for any adventurous spirit.” — Amanda West Lewis, author of The Pact, These Are Not the Words and Focus.Click.Wind.


“A twisty mystery full of dead ends and dark passages for readers to explore, Cave-In thrills from page one to its earth-shattering climax.” — Michael F. Stewart, award-winning author of Heart Sister and Seeking Draven


“With impeccable research and descriptive writing, Withers has created a novel that is full of tension and adrenalin. The ‘caving’ element is so unique and interesting, especially in a teen setting. And then there’s the mystery to the story that adds another dimension! Well done, Pam.” – Lorna Schultz Nicholson, author of When You Least Expect It and Taking The Ice, and a voracious reader and writer of any-kind-of-sport book


Cave-In opens up and explores a world that exists right below our feet. Hudson’s relatable teenage ambitions and rivalries are expertly balanced against larger issues of conservation, ecology and personal responsibilities. Withers presents scientific facts accessibly so that even an author who refused to take science classes after grade ten (such as me) could grasp and understand. Cave-In will pull readers in as easily as one of the sinkholes within its pages.” –  Paul Coccia, author of Leon Levels Up and co-author of On The Line

Pam Withers

Pam Withers

Pam Withers is an award-winning speaker and author of 23 bestselling young-adult adventure novels. A sports-loving former journalist and outdoor guide, she’s also a two-times Silver Nautilus Book Awards winner, three-times Ontario Library Association Red Maple Award nominee and founder of She lives with her husband and cat in Vancouver and can be found at

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