Game’s End

A Novel


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A Novel

$ 12.95$ 14.95
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“if you’re a new reader to the Guardian series, you’ve got three books of robust plotting, clever characters and bright banter ahead of you. Enjoy!” – CanLit for Little Canadians

“Once again, Natasha Deen has produced an interesting mix of events, characters and genres within one young adult novel. There are elements of murder and mystery, horror, fantasy and the paranormal all within the same story. Yet, with all of this mix, Game’s End remains a coming-of-age novel at its core.” – Highly Recommended, CM Magazine

Check out this interview with author Natasha Deen and Helen Kubiw!

Maggie Johnson is dealing with too much — the rising distrust and hate of the townspeople, her growing (and unpredictable) supernatural powers, and the dead, waiting to be transitioned from this side to the next. Right now, they’re her saving grace. But when a soul-eater steals the ghost she’s transitioning, things don’t just take a turn for the worse, they take a turn for the personal. This thing has a connection to her and to her family, and it’s coming for revenge.

As Maggie races to stop the entity, the body count ticks up, and the soul-eater’s touch reaches close to home. The answers Maggie seeks are coming to a head, but will she survive the revelation?

Praise for Gatekeeper:

SELECTION, Best Books For Kids & Teens, Winter 2017
SELECTION, The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Fall 2016

“Deen is able to make this mixture of the paranormal and mystery genres work beautifully … Natasha Deen has left some tantalizing clues at the end of the book, suggesting that there may well be a sequel to Guardian and Gatekeeper. Readers can only hope this will happen and that there will be more novels to challenge and interest so many fans – whether of horror, paranormal or mystery – and keep them happily reading” – Highly Recommended, CM Magazine

“I’ve always thought Norah McClintock was the queen of YA crime fiction but I think Natasha Deen has developed into a princess of YA paranormal murder mysteries.  With her multifaceted plotlines and great, great characters who are neither perfect nor surreal (though they may be otherworldly), Natasha Deen has become one of my go-to YACanLit authors for spooky whodunits with a smidgen of romance.  Consider them the young adult equivalent of Scooby-Doo: fun sleuthing with the ever-helpful Maggie and Serge and the gang.” — CanLit for Little Canadians

Praise for Guardian:

SELECTION, Best Books for Kids & Teens, Spring 2015
SELECTION, The Sunburst Award, Spring 2015
SELECTION, The Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Spring 2015

“a great hybrid of horror and mystery (think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Veronica Mars), with oodles of potential for humour and terror – and Deen gets the most out of both.” — Quill & Quire
“Any novel which has what appears to be a dead body in the trunk of the protagonist’s car on the very first page is bound to be a page-turner … this mix of mystery and fantasy in Guardian is unusual, perhaps, but effective. Highly recommended.” — CM Magazine

Guardian is at its heart a murder mystery, albeit a paranormal one, and a superb one at that” — CanLit For Little Canadians

“certainly a recommended read for those interesting in young adult/paranormal fictions.” — Asian American Literature Fans



One of the best parts of being a writer for NATASHA DEEN is presenting at schools, conferences, and workshops. She is published in a variety of genres, from creative non-fiction to YA and romance and has also appeared in a variety of media outlets as a literacy advocate. She lives in Edmonton.

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