Night Moves


Richard Van Camp

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$ 12.95$ 19.95
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As a window into the magic and potential of the Northwest Territories, Richard Van Camp’s fourth short story collection is hilarious and heartbreaking. A teenaged boy confesses to a vicious assault on a cross-dressing classmate; Lance tells the sensual story of becoming much closer to his wife’s dear friend Juanita; while a reluctant giant catches up with gangsters Torchy and Sfen in a story with shades of supernatural and earthly menace.

Night Moves continues to explore the incredible lives of Indigenous characters introduced in The Lesser Blessed, Angel Wing Splash Pattern, The Moon of Letting Go, and Godless but Loyal to Heaven. If this is your first time to Fort Simmer and Fort Smith, welcome. If it’s another visit, come on in: we’ve left the lights on for you.

Now available as an audiobook!

WINNER – Robert Kroetsch City Of Edmonton Book Prize, 2016
SELECTION – ReLit Awards shortlist, 2017

“This group of 11 electrifying and sometimes horrifying tales – several revisiting characters from Van Camp’s previous books – teems with violence, shame, desire for revenge, sexuality, the supernatural, and hard-won second chances.” – Starred Review, Dana Hansen, Quill & Quire

“Throughout these stories are people teetering between tenderness and violence, healing and trauma, hope and despair. These are universal themes, but rarely are they presented in such stark contrast, close proximity, or as the results of a single choice. Gripping portraits of youth in their make-or-break moment hinting at an Aboriginal population on the brink of something great.” – Jade Colbert, The Globe & Mail

“11 stories that cover the themes of medicine and the supernatural, the modern and the ancient. At times funny, while at others sensual, heartbreaking or shocking, Van Camp continues to explore the indigenous and authentic characters in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories”Above&Beyond: Canada’s Arctic Journal

“For readers who are familiar with Van Camp’s earlier work, this book is an absolute dream. If Night Moves is your first introduction to Van Camp’s world, his sexy, seedy prose will beg you to read more. [editor’s note: you should go read more. Now.]”

“the stories continue Van Camp’s penchant for slow builds towards powerful, sudden shifts in the plot that transform the story situation. – Winnipeg Free Press

“Van Camp has a skill at slipping into the skin of each of his characters in a way that always pulls me in.” – News/North

“Van Camp is a prolific writer and storyteller”  – Kerry Clare, Pickle Me This

Winner of the 2013 Georges Bugnet Award for Fiction

“Hard-nosed but thin-skinned, sturdy yet totally off the wall, Richard Van Camp’s Godless but Loyal to Heaven is such a vibrant story collection that I’m kicking myself for only getting around to it now” – Edmonton Journal

“Powerful! An original voice from the true north strong and free.” – Tomson Highway

“Richard Van Camp successfully melds aboriginal traditions with a fictional contemporary North in his new short story collection.”Winnipeg Free Press


Richard Van Camp

Richard Van Camp

Richard Van Camp  is an internationally renowned storyteller and bestselling author based in Edmonton. His previous work includes Angel Wing Splash Pattern, The Lesser Blessed, The Moon of Letting Go, and Godless but Loyal to Heaven.

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