Parallel Prairies



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$ 7.99$ 21.95
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The Canadian Prairie teems with life—not all of it of this world. Get acquainted with baby dragons, killer insects, faery kings, infernal entities and more, as 19 authors let the Manitoban landscape inspire weird and wondrous tales.

You thought the Prairies were flat, plain, and boring.

You were wrong.

“So much fun! I’m loving this book … the stories take place in Manitoba, but they transcend” — Joanne Kelly, CBC Manitoba 

“… a kaleidoscope of style and subject matter. Echoes of iconic storylines pulled from the annals of cult sci-fi, fantasy and suspense ring through Manitoba’s landscape.” — The Uniter

“I was born and raised in Thompson — a northern community with mosquitos big as ravens, ravens big as bears, and bears that run for local office — so I know weird when I read it. And this is some choice weird right here. I don’t know what the future holds for Manitoba, but if these stories are any indication, the flatlands are in for a bumpy ride.” — Corey Redekop, author of Husk and Shelf Monkey

“…the province is a harsh, demanding land but not without its beauty and rewards. Amazing what stories the contributors wrested from its soil. I confess this book exceeded my expectations. Well worth reading.” —Amazing Stories

Parallel Prairies features stories from:

Chris Allinotte
Wayne Arthurson
Jonathan Ball
S.M. Beiko
Sheldon Birnie
Keith Cadieux
Jennifer Collerone
Gilles DeCruyenaere
Will J. Fawley
David Jón Fuller
Chadwick Ginther
Kate Heartfield
Patrick Johanneson
Lindsay Kitson
Adam Petrash
Darren Ridgley
Craig Russell
J.M. Sinclair
Christine Steendam

Meet the contributors! 




DARREN RIDGLEY is a journalist and genre fiction writer residing in Winnipeg. Originally from sleepy Killarney, Man., Darren often evokes his rural roots in his writing, as well as his Polish and Atlantic-Canadian heritage.

ADAM PETRASH is an author and editor from Winnipeg. He is the co-editor of the speculative fiction anthology, Parallel Prairies: Stories of Manitoba Speculative Fiction, and the author of a novella, The Ones to Make it Through. His work has appeared in journals throughout North America.

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