Peanut Butter and Pandemonium

Anita Daher

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$ 10.99$ 14.95
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Book 2 of the Mythic Adventures of Samuel Templeton

On Goat Loops, in the realm of Niff, Sam learns a scary new truth about the Son of the Solstice prophecy, one his long-absent mother had neglected to tell him. Not only is he destined to fight an ancient sorcerer, but it will result in his certain death. As Sam’s powers grow, he and his half-giant friend chase mysterious no-magic pockets, battle annoying, bitey dokkas, and look for a way to save the worlds—and his own skin.

Anita Daher

Anita Daher

ANITA DAHER is an author and actor based in Winnipeg, MB. She has been entrenched in the book publishing industry since 1995 and has seventeen books published in print, audio and e-book format in Canada, the United States. Anita is the former Chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada. She loves ancient things, and in summer can often be found renovating an old trailer in the heart of New Iceland.

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