Prairie Oddities: Punkinhead, Peculiar Gravity, and More Lesser Known Histories

Darren Bernhardt

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$ 36.95
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In Prairie Oddities: Punkinhead, Peculiar Gravity and More Lesser Known Histories Darren Bernhardt recounts historical anecdotes from middle-Canada’s past that were never given top billing, the ones that faded away in time but left their marks behind. Laden with archival images, Bernhardt’s stories restore focus on the gunslinging fugitive who became a folk hero, the curious and chaotic battle for Kenora, the flower-bearing American spy, the ghost trail of the Bergen Cutoff, the lost bells of St. Boniface, how the bison were saved from extinction, Hudson Bay’s missing gravity, and the many firsts accomplished in the Northwest.


The stories of what was — and what could have been — arouse imagination and kindle interest in a complicated and colourful past.

Darren Bernhardt

Darren Bernhardt

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Darren Bernhardt was seven years old when he began scribbling stories in Hilroy notebooks, recounting family outings and adventures with friends. As a journalist, he still scribbles stories, but now specializes in local history and the offbeat.

He is the co-author of the 2005 JackPine Press chapbook, To Kerouac and Back and co-author of the play, Alison’s Leather Couch, and author of the best-selling The Lesser Known: A History of Oddities from the Heart of the Continent.

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