This Lark of Stolen Time


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Lauder Jones and Mountcastle, two Halifax families both alike in dignity, linked by love and circumstance. Douglas Lauder Jones, obscure story writer, calls it “Life and No Escape.” His lovelorn son John thinks it’s the end of happiness. Neuroscientist Ursula Lauder Jones sees it as sink-or-swim parenting. Whatever it is, her daughter Merin, new owner of a movie house on Barrington Street, wants to sit through it twice. Her sister Anya, summer student working at Mountcastle Framing on Spring Garden Road, relishes life’s richly varied fabric. And the youngest, Cary, budding writer, recognizes it as apt material for the many stories stitching this novel’s intriguing brocade.


Advance Praise


“At the centre of this novel about love and belonging, Cumyn gives us a portrait of family and its familiar rhythms: dispersing and coming home again; together and then apart; in and out like breath. In prose that is warm and full of humour, This Lark of Stolen Time captures precisely the small moments of transformation that connect and help to define us.” – Ryan Turner, author of What We’re Made Of and Half-Sisters and Other Stories


“This is sly storytelling at its best. Playing with time and structure, Richard Cumyn’s head-hopping novel reads like cunningly connected stories that push the narrative towards a soaring epiphany. Each corresponding voice spreads its wings and brings the reader to the affecting reminder of stolen time.” – Lee Kvern, author of Afterall, The Matter of Sylvie, 7 Ways to Sunday, and the upcoming Catch You on the Flipside


“A collection of interconnected novellas just might be fiction’s most generous form: so many entrances, so many ways to come *in* to the story. Cumyn wastes no time on neat and far-too-tidy character and narrative arcs. Instead, he dances with characters the way Pollock danced with paint, creating dreamy yet connected—deeply connected—novellas. Connections forged, flubbed, and missed in the characters’ lives shine light on our own flaws, failures, and deep needs for love.” — Michelle Butler Hallett, author of Constant Nobody, winner of the Thomas Raddall Award for Atlantic Fiction, and This Marlowe.



Richard Cumyn is the author of nine books of literary fiction. A past fiction editor of The Antigonish Review, he has been published widely in Canadian literary journals. He has been shortlisted for the ReLit Award, longlisted for Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award and won a Linda Joy Media Arts Award. He lives in Edmonton.

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“In This Lark of Stolen Time, Richard Cumyn writes a novel which, as Michelle Butler Hallett notes on the back cover, is more like a series of interconnected novellas. This form works powerfully to capture the fact that the lives of families living in small towns are deeply entwined but distinct. The towns, themselves, are an entanglement of relations, as This Lark of Stolen Time deftly displays… Overall, this was the first work by Richard Cumyn that I have read. After reading it, I feel compelled to dive further into this author’s bibliography, exploring the various worlds that he creates.” — Luke Beirne, The Miramichi Reader