How to Find Canadian Books

When you’re looking for your next great read, do you seek out books by Canadian authors? If you’re in Manitoba, you might be especially likely to do so. Google search trends show that in the year 2020, Manitoba had the highest proportion of searches for “Canadian books” compared to other provinces. You can see a timeline of this data here

Screenshot from Google trends report on "Canadian books" searches in 2020
Screenshot of Google trend results for “Canadian books” searches in 2020

This data supports what we know as a Manitoba publisher: Manitobans want to read Canadian-authored books. Here are some other ways you can find Canadian books:

  • 49th Shelf: This website by the Association of Canadian Publishers has a fantastic search engine where you can select a category & subcategory according to your interests. From biochemistry, to bullying, to musical instruments, you’re sure to find something that peaks your interest. 
  • CBC Books: Here you’ll find author interviews, preview lists of upcoming titles, and links to radio shows featuring Canadian authors. Many of the books featured on CBC Books are award-nominated titles. 
  • Association of Manitoba Book Publishers: The AMBP represents a group of independent publishers in Manitoba. Every year the association releases a Book Blitz catalogue featuring must-read titles from Manitoba publishers. Check out the 2020 Book Blitz catalogue here

You can also search directly on a publisher’s website. At Great Plains Publications, we exclusively publish Canadian authors and permanent residents of Canada. This May, we’ll be publishing three new titles. Anna, Analyst is a contemporary middle grade book by Patti Edgar about a girl with a graphology obsession and publishes May 1. Next is Errol Ranville’s memoir Run as One on June 15. This is the book to read for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a music career in Canada. Finally, you can get Thinking Big by Jim Blanchard on June 30. Thinking Big chronicles the history of Winnipeg businesses up to 1939. 

We hope you enjoy your next great Canadian read!

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When you’re looking for your next great read, do you seek out books by Canadian authors? If you’re in Manitoba,[...]