Join us for Talking Climate

Talking about climate change is a challenge in a world of political polarization and increasing anxiety. Four authors discuss their approach to the question: How do we talk about climate change?

We hear about the growing threat of climate change regularly in our day-to-day lives, be it forest fires, flooding, or oddly warm winters. At the same time, our systems are slow to change, with political polarization adding tension to an already complicated topic. For many, the situation can seem hopeless. 

Artists are using their craft and creativity to tackle this challenging topic. On Wednesday, June 5th, four notable writers of various backgrounds and styles will meet online to engage in a conversation with each other and their audience to answer today’s pressing question: How do we talk about climate change?

Talking Climate is a free event open to all. Audience members need to register to receive the webinar login details. A recording of the event will be posted following the event. 


Talking Climate will feature:

  • Opening remarks from Bethany Damen, Communications Manager for Manitoba’s Climate Action Team, on Communicating about Climate in a Polarized World.
  • A discussion between JR (James) Burgmann, author of Children of Tomorrow; poet Ariel Gordon, author of Siteseeing; Katłı̨̀ą, author of Firekeeper; and Jason Pchajek, author of Bounty
  • Audience members will then be invited to ask their questions.


June 5, 2024 at 7PM Central Time

Registration is FREE

*This event will take place as a zoom webinar, which will be streamed following the event.

Talking Climate features four authors discussing how they tackle the existential threat of climate change in their work.